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✔✔सफलता! ये इतना जादुई शब्द है कि हम सभी के मन में अलग-अलग ही सही, लेकिन हमेशा आकर्षण पैदा करनेवाली तसवीरें बना देता है। क्या आपके जीवन से यह गायब है?

✔✔पाँच सेमेस्टर में व्यवस्थित, कमाल की इस किताब में सफल होने का एक पूरा कोर्स मौजूद है, जिसकी शिक्षा दुनिया के पचास मशहूर जानकारों ने दी है, और जो एक के बाद एक अध्यायों के रास्ते, आपको असाधारण सफलता की दुनिया तक ले जाएगा। 

✔✔यहाँ आपको विशुद्ध सोने की डलियाँ मिलेंगी, जो इस इंतजार में हैं कि आप आएँगे और उन्हें अपना बनाएँगे। यहाँ आपको ऐसे महानुभाव अपने संदेशों से शिक्षा देंगे, जो समय की कसौटी और व्यावहारिकता के पैमाने पर खरा उतर चुके हैं और जिनके सिद्धांत कारगर हैं। लेकिन सबकुछ आप पर निर्भर है। 

✔✔आपका जीवन आपके बजाय कोई और नहीं जी सकता है। आपकेबदले कोई और सफल नहीं हो सकता है! ये फैसला आपको करना है।.

From the Publisher

The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnegie

The Art of Public SpeakingThe Art of Public Speaking

This bestseller and evergreen book by renowned self-help books author Dale Carnegie.

Training in public speaking is not a matter of externals, primarily; it is not a matter of imitation, fundamentally; it is not a matter of conformity to standards, at all. Public speaking is public utterance, public issuance, of the man himself. The first thing for the beginner in public speaking is to speak, not to study voice and gesture and the rest.Once he has spoken he can improve himself by self-observation or according to the criticisms of those who hear. But how shall he be able to criticise himself? A Person can simply find out three things: What are the qualities which by common consent go to make up an effective speaker to know how good he is at public speaking; by what means at least some of these qualities may be acquired; and what wrong habits of speech in himself work against his acquiring and using the qualities which he finds to be good.This bestseller and evergreen book by renowned self-help books author Dale Carnegie will help any normal person to be an effective Public Speaker and achieve success in all spheres of life.


Table of Contents


The Art of Public SpeakingThe Art of Public Speaking

Dale Carnegie

Dale Carnegie was the author of ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People,’ one of the best-selling self-help books of all time.

Born into poverty on November 24, 1888, in Maryville, Missouri, Dale Carnegie worked as a traveling salesman before teaching public speaking at a YMCA.His seminal self-help book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, won him a national following and enabled him to expand the Dale Carnegie Institute into countries around the world. He died in 1955 in Queens, New York.

Bestseller Books by Dale Carnegie

The Art of Public Speaking

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Leader In You

How to Enjoy Your Life and Your Job

Best Of Dale Carnegie

Best Of Dale CarnegieBest Of Dale Carnegie

Publisher‏:‎Prabhat Prakashan – Delhi; 1st edition (1 January 2020); Prabhat Prakashan – Delhi
Paperback‏:‎240 pages
Item Weight‏:‎290 g
Dimensions‏:‎20 x 14 x 4 cm
Country of Origin‏:‎India
Importer‏:‎Prabhat Prakashan – Delhi
Packer‏:‎Prabhat Prakashan – Delhi
Generic Name‏:‎Books

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