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“BUSINESS – INDIA BOARD GAME A GAME OF BUYING & SELLING OF PROPERTIES IN BIG CITIES OF INDIA KNOW ABOUT THE BUSINESS FROM THE GAME The object of the game is to learn business or Trade by Buying & Selling Properties & becoming the wealthiest player by playing the game & will be honoured as BUSINESSMAN. Sometimes he is rewarded & sometimes he pay penalties etc in the game. It gives Excitement, Pleasure, Knowledge & Amusement to the player. When a player arrives on the space which is not already owned by anyone he rent to the owner of that site. Rents are greatly increased by erection of House & Hotels. During Financial difficulties, Properties can be mortagaged to the Bank. Great entertainer for whole family! A game of buying, selling, banking and mortgaging etc. So lets play and prove yourself the wealthiest person of the nation. This game is an absolute entertainer! Play it with family or friends and never feel a dull moment again. Designed and crafted impeccably, this game exudes excellent quality and make. FEATURES : A game of buying & selling, Banking, Mortgaging The Game Teaches the child on the use of money & how to deal in money which adds to the overall growth of the child Increases the mental level of child on selectively investing & selling the things as per needs. Great entertainment for whole family This is an evergreen game in which you act as a businessman who buy or sell properties in India. Explore your business with transportation Enjoy classic family fun from the classic property game You also get an idea to deal with another person. So let play & ready to prove himself, the wealthiest person of the world CONTENTS : Game board, 6 pegs of different colours, 2 dice, 28 title deed cards, 24 house pegs, 60 currency coins and rules books “
Age: 8+ Years
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