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Today we are going to discuss website traffic and its free tool to generate traffic on your website.
Before start, let’s clear the term website traffic for those who are new in the online marketing world or not familiar with the term “Website traffic.”
Website traffic –
Traffic means a gathering of people at one place. In the online term, when we get lots of people on our website, we call them website traffic. You can also understand this thing from below mentioned example.
Example –
Just like in a general life we see crowed on public roads generally, we call them traffic. Same as much as people will come to any particular website, we will call them website traffic.

After reading about the term website traffic, now the second question will click in your mind, what is the use of this website traffic?

traffic scal- discount for deals

No need to worry. We are also going to discuss this part too. Generally, it depends on what purpose you have for your website. Either you are using the website for product sales, or you are using it as a blog. In both cases, traffic will be matter.
For example, we discussed, website traffic is the gathering of real people on a particular site. It means that people will come to your site and see all your content. If you are selling something, or if you have any product, which you want to sell, then people will see them when they will visit your website. And if they find the right product for them, then they can buy it. In this way, you can earn money from this website traffic.
Same if you are a blogger, then you can put advertisements in your blog. People will visit your blog and see those ads then you can make money. Keep remembering if you don’t have website traffic, then you can not earn from your blog.
An overall concussion is we must have website traffic for any online business.

Now the question comes how we can generate traffic for our website?

Website traffic

Its answer is simple. We need to use various website traffic generating methods as well as digital marketing methods too. For example, we can use paid promotions including, PPC, CPC, CPS, etc. We can also use SEO tools for organic traffic. Mostly, in this list will be paid methods, but here we are talking about the free tool. With the help of this free tool, you can generate lots of traffic. Even if we call it unlimited traffic, then it will not be wrong because it all depends on our efforts, how we will use this tool.
Now, if you are thinking, from where will you get this tool? Then, no need to worry about this thing also. Here we are providing this free tool for you.

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