Free or paid, which method is best for blogging?

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Free or paid, which method is best for blogging?

Whether you are doing blogging or you are making a plan for start blogging. This question will surely come into your mind, do we need to start blogging for free or paid? Do we need to invest in blogging?
In reality, many people can see who is confused with this question. They want to earn money from blogging, but they will always confuse between starting from free or paid.

Here I am using the word “confused in themselves” because usually, people want to know about this thing. For this, they try to search also but always get a diversion from their mind with other things. They got their mind diversion either by any link or any offer. As a result, they can’t find the ultimate results. Links and offers are the basic things & necessary parts for a blogger, but through this, users don’t need to distract. If users are going to distract, then definitely they will remain confused on that particular topic. Users will start to focus on that information provided under the link. Or they will be distracted by the offers showing there.

Anyways after reading this article, your confusion regarding this topic will be over. Without wasting too much time, let’s start the discussion to be the point.
First, we will discuss the definition. After this, we will discuss the features and benefits. In this way, all of your confusion regarding this topic will be completely gone.

What is free blogging?

Free blogging is a concept where you don’t need to pay anything to anyone. You can start free blogging.

What is a paid blogging?

As soon as you start to invest for your blog, this will become a paid blog. In simple words, when you need to pay for blogging will be known as paid blogging.
Hopefully, now this basic concept of free blogging and paid blogging is clear to you.

Where do we need to use free blogging?

The best use of free blogging is to learn to blog. If you are a beginner in the field of blogging, then you can go for the free blogging option. You can learn a lot of things there. You have the opportunity to do practicals on blogs. With the help of free blogging, only paid bloggers can make money this thing you always need to keep in mind. Why so? I will explain this thing later in this article. First, we need to focus on the current topic so let’s get back to the present subject. You need to join free blogging with the learning purpose, not with the earning intention. You can also use free blogging when you have only the intent to take attention from people, with the help of your article, poem, jokes, etc. things, not to make money from it. Keep remembering free blogging will always give you limited features. Later they will force you to move on to the paid version of the blog. You can understand this thing with an example.

For example, to make a person intoxicated, drug sellers will give free drugs to them. Later, when someone becomes habitual of that drugs, they will ask for money from them.

Benefits from the free blogging

  • You can learn blogging-related things from free blogging.
  • You can learn blogging-related things from free blogging.

Where do we need to use paid blogging?

If you intend to earn money from your blog, then you must pay attention to paid blogging. You must pay all your efforts to paid blogging. Paid blogging will give a professional look to your blog. If anyone would see your blog, then it will be giving a professional impression in their mind. A professional look is the best way to attract users to the blog. With the help of this, you can get offers from many companies to write about their products. With the help of paid blogging, you will get multiple features and options to attract more user engagement to your blog. You can give reason to your users to come back on your block. The best benefit of paid blogging is, you don’t need to follow the rules and regulations of other companies. You will be the boss you can take, your own decision. You can make your brand through your blog.
Let me clear this thing here branding means your blog domain name and link. Free blog service provider company will do their branding or promotion. If you are using free blogging there, you can notice this in the footer section (bottom part of the blog). Even the worst thing is they will start giving their advertisement there. In this way, your blog users will leave your blog they will redirect to their ads. With all these things you will not be able to earn money.

In short, free blogging services providers will fully promote their business with the help of you with the name of free blogging. They will make money from you. You will give all your efforts and time as a blogger but will not earn from that blog.
If we talk about the rules and regulations part, then you will find every company has its own rules and regulations. If you would not obey their rules and regulations, they will ban you from their system. From this way, you will lose complete access to that platform. All of your written blogs will remove from there. That means you will reach zero at any time. You will need to start everything from the beginning. 

Benefits from the paid blogging

Whenever you move to a paid blog, you will need to start everything from zero. That means during the old time you did all the works will be gone. You will not be able to get traffic from your old blogs to your new blog. That is why it is highly recommended not to go for free blogging. Instead of this, you always need to choose paid blogging. This thing will always give you benefits. Otherwise, you need to perform the same work twice, one for free and another for the paid blog.

  • The website domain name will be as per your desire.
  • You will have full rights to your blog earnings.
  • You don’t need to follow the rules & regulations from other companies.
  • Your blog will get a professional look. If your blog becomes famous, then many brands or companies can contact you to promote their products on your blog.
  • In paid blogging, you can use extra features for the marketing of your blog. Marketing for a blog means getting leads for email and mobile numbers. With the help of this lead, you can reconnect to your blog users.
  • You will have the right to customize your blog with your own choice. 
  • Your paid blog will get a higher chance to rank on search engines. Search engines like google, yahoo, bing will highly recommend paid blogs instead of free blogs. From this recommendation, your blogs will get traffic. And with the help of traffic, you will earn more.
Now let’s come on to that question which we left at the beginning of this article, and the question was how people could earn from free blogs?

As I said earlier, from a free blog only, the professional or paid blogger can make money because, for this thing, they also need to invest. First, they will invest in their paid blog. After that, it will create their blog brand value then they will redirect their website users to their free blogs. You can easily understand this thing with the best example of movie-related sites or blogs.

Whenever you visit any movie-related website, there you can see, before downloading the movie. First, you need to visit some other web pages, also there you need to wait for few seconds. After that, ads will load. During this complete process, pay attention to all the URLs or links off that page carefully. There you will be able to find they are using free blogs. Not even this, they are also making money from that free sites through the ads.
In this way, the owner of that blogging can make money from both websites free and paid at the same time. Hopefully, now it’s clear to you how you can make money from free blogs. And which blogging option will be better for you. Not only this, but with the help of this article, you are also learning how you can make money with the help of free and paid blogs.


In conclusion, I will recommend to my blog readers always go with the paid blogging. You will need to invest there, but that investment will give you a good return or profit. If you are still confused, you can ask your question here in the comment section. I will try my best to guide you.

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