A new marvel character’s game is on the way.

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Are you a marvel movies fan? Do you like all marvel movie characters? If all answers are yes, then it’s good news for you. Now you will be able to enjoy your favorite marvel characters in a high-quality mobile game.

Yes, you are reading right whether you like Captain America, falcon, Doctor strange, black panther, spiderman, black widow, captain marvel, ant-man, x-man, thor, or the most loveable character of marvel iron man. All these characters will be available in that game.
Even if you like super villains like Loki, magneto, Silver surfer, Venom, winter soldier, Zemo, Doctor octopus, Hela, Ultimus, red skull, and the unforgettable Mr inevitable. Oh yes, we are talking about Thanos, and same as Thanos, many other supervillains will also be available in that game.

After reading all these names, I am sure you are super excited to read more about the game name. Without taking too much time, we are going to reveal the game name. And the game name is Marvel Future Revolution. 

Marvel Future Revolution
Yes, the game name is Marvel Future Revolution. And it is developed by the Netmarble company. The Netmarble company is a South Korean-based company. And they are already running one popular marvel character-related game Marvel Future Fight since 2015. It means they have lots of experience in the development of games and player’s requirements for such kinds of marvel character-based games. As per the history of the Netmarble company, they are working in the gaming industry since the year 2000. Along with mobile games, they are developing PC and console games also.
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Anyways back to the game talk, this game will be available for both android and IOS users. And this game will be available for both uses on the same launching date. Here we are going to talk about few common questions which generally in demand by the users. Below you can find these common questions and their answers too.

Q- When will available or launch?

Ans- This game will be available for both IOS and Android users on Wednesday, 25 August 2021. 

Q- Is this a mobile game?

Ans- Yes, it is a mobile game with high-quality graphics.

Q- Can I join before the launch date?

Ans- Yes, you can join before its launch date. Netmarble is providing a pre-registration option on the play store. As soon as the game will available for play, you will get mail or notification about playing.

Q- Can I see its trailer?

Ans- Yes, you can see its gaming trailer too. It is available on Youtube.

Q- What are the best features of this game?

Ans- This game has multiple features. You can find a list of these features below. 

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  1. This game is Marvel’s First open-world action RPG game for mobile.
  2. This game is a full 3D game with realistic graphics.
  3.  In this game, you will find marvel universe based original stories.
  4. Players can customize the costumes.
  5. Real-time combat will be available in this game.
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Rest all the answers like how much memory you will need to download this game, which device will support this game, and rest all other things you can find on that place from where you will download this.

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